As a classical guitarist, I always suggest to start with the classical technique as it is the most elemental and easy-to-understand way to start learning the guitar. What’s more, if you proceed from the classical technique, you will have a firm base if you choose to play other styles (e.g. fingerstyle, rock, jazz, flamenco, etc.). Although I love all other genres and I used to play the electric guitar, I’m only professional as a classical guitarist – I can show you how to play with a pick, how to play chords and so on, but that’s not my main profile.

The tuition fee is 6000 HUF/60 minutes and, as I said in my introductory video, your first lesson is for free. The schedule is flexible, I’m arranging the time-table with regard on your other occupations, school, work, etc.

Playing classical guitar does not mean that you play only Bach, Mozart or Bartók – the repertoire of the classical guitar is vast, ranging from renaissance lute transcriptions through latin-american and hispanic music to jazz and pop-rock-influenced pieces. My goal is to give you a lifelong tool to play your favorite music as you want it to be played!

You can ask questions and apply for the lessons by writing an e-mail to budapestguitarlessons@gmail.com or sending a message with the Contact form of this website.